Thursday 25 February 2016


Another busy Workshop in January.
We made 7 projects in total, phew!


Print of the worksheets, You'll also need a 7 x 7 inch base card and an A4 piece of card for matting.
I like to trim down to size the scalloped base cards as I think they're stronger
than the straight edge ones :) I've trimmed this one down to 7 x 7inches

Cut a piece of base card for matting, I use a difference of 1/4inch for my matting

I've used a circle die to cut out the sentiment and cut another piece of black card for matting the smaller image piece which I've mounted together with foam pads.

This is the reverse of the corner piece, I want to create an area for the smaller image piece
to slide in and out. I've lay down my piece and marked around it 

giving me guidelines to attach foam pads (as shown above).
I'll also use these pads to attach the corner piece to my card front,

like so


Print off the worksheets, you'll also need a 7 x 7 inch square card base and a strip of kraft card.
Decoupage the pots and the butterfly.

To create the pop out box, cut a piece of card 9cm wide x 13.5xm long
(I'm using a scrap piece in the above pic hence the excess area)
Score at 1, 4, 5, 8 and 9 cms across the width, now follow the Pop Out Boxes Tut included,

Once made, attach the box to the back of the pots as shown above, I've also made a sign
post from the piece of kraft card and attached that.
When it comes to attaching the whole thing to the front of your card bear in
mind that it only attaches to a certain amount of the raised shape with the tools on it, check it out BEFORE you put any glue on the front of the card as to where it will sit.

and attach like so

and add the sign to the post

finished :)

and the inside


Print off the worksheets. You'll also need 2 A4 pieaces of
card to create the base card the shirt sits on.
Trim off the small white area on the stripe paper first
then cut the piece of card to 25cm long x 20cm wide

Score on 1 short edge at 3 & 6cm 

On the wrong side and just above the 2nd score line, mark the centre point
and 5cm in from both outer edges.
You also need to mark that centre point on the right side of the paper.

Cut to those 5cm marks (as shown above).
Fold and crease the first score line to the wrong side.

Now bring the points together to meet the centre mark you made earlier.

To create the base card: score along 1 short edge on 1 piece of the A4 card at 2cm.
Attach DST in that area on the wrong side.

Bring the 2 short edges of both pieces together as shown above.
Fold and crease.

and trim to 19.5cm wide x 18.5cm high and create it using the Tied Tent Technique.

Attach the tie

and close the collar up

Front view

Back view


Print of the worksheets, trim off the excess around the image part and decoupage the letters.

For the outer piece, place on the Hougie like shown above and score.
If you don't have this board simply line up the edge of the design in any score line and score.

Cut away the 2 bottom outer edges as shown above.
I've also marked the centre of the top edge and punch out a 1/3 of the circle to create a thumb hole.

Attach DST along 1 long edge on the inside and along the bottom edge too.

and close

Once closed, trim off the top edge approx 1/4 inch.

and here it is waiting for further decoration if required.


Print off the worksheets. You'll also need a 7 x 7 inch base card, a 16.5cm square of acetate (which is the same size as the green backing paper). Flowers and ribbon for decoration.
Trim around the green backing and just inside the black lines of the wording

Here's everything cut out now, I've inked around the edges of the backing paper & the wording.
I've cut out the lady. I've used a Marianne Creatable Curved Border die to cut out 2 edges
for the wording and inked those too.

I've attached the borders to the top and bottom of the wording piece, make sure whatever you use
does not become longer than the card itself.
I laid the image of the lady over this to see where I would like to place her on the acetate later and marked with pencil. I also plan to put flowers in the bottom left corner.

I've added foam pads 3 deep to create a void between the base card and the acetate I'll attach next.

I've attached the square piece of acetate onto the face of the card securing using the foam pads I placed there. Attach the lady image with foam pads onto the acetate above the foam pads below it so they can't been seen and now I can decorate

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