Saturday 10 September 2016

Special Cards

It was my eldest daughter's 30th birthday last month and her first wedding anniversary so 2 very special occasions so I had to pull my finger out and come up with something special for her.

The 30 number is from Anna Marie Designs (love those numbers) which I decorated using the
Blissful Paper Pads on the front and for the flowers.
For the back and stand I did the crackle paint effect (my fav paint technique)
For her anniversary card I used a pic of them both and again used Blissful Paper Pads, the flowers are cut from the paper too using a Sizzix Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers die (my all time fav die) She loved them both :)

Sunday 12 June 2016




I'm using a 6x6 inch blank tabbed chipboard book
that has 5 pages which is equal to 10 sides to decorate.
Firstly, number the pages on each side so you can
identify them for the pages and in what order they will be put back together.

Print off all the pages, each page is numbered so before you trim them down
number them on the back.
Trim to the edges of each printed page.
The 2 front and 2 back pages are smaller in width to the others, this is because the others have tabs on them making them overall wider.

Using a Pritt Stick, smother the chipboard (as shown above)
Attach the paper pressing it firmly down taking extra effort at the edges.

Leave to dry and move onto the alternative pages
i.e do pages in this order 1,3,5 This gives each single page time to dry.

Once you've covered number 5, trim off any excess paper from page 1 and attach paper number 2, leave to dry and move onto page 4 etc.

Again, once dry trim off any paper excess

I like to ink first around the edges

and then sand using an emery board, this makes for a shabbier look.

and here's the page all done.


Print off the worksheets. Cut down the middle of worksheet named
Trim off any white excess at the sides making sure each side is the same width.

like so

Using edger dies (I'm using Spellbinders ones)
lay them as shown above (this will apply to both pieces)
and I'm cutting the sentiment and backing with circle dies,

like so

Trim off some of the excess white area from the green pieces

For the smallest if the 2 pieces score at 2.5cm

and the longer piece at 2cm

Here's my pieces scored & crease and ready to be put together
(you may find that you have to trim a little more from the green frilly piece when you come to put them together) 

Apply some foam pads and attach the pattern frilly to the green frilly
 (as above) 

Next trim down your frilly 8x8 inch base card to 14.30cm wide x 19.5cm high
and create it using the TIED TENT TECHNIQUE

Trim the green trellis paper to 14.5cm wide x 19.5cm high
and attach the frilly top and bottom by folding over to the back (as above)

Score in half the back card, close and trim to 14cm wide x 19cm  high

I like to make up my inserts by folding them in half, mark where the edge of the pattern is on the top, bottom and middle and trim, I then fold back to the normal way and mark and trim to fir inside the card.

Once the insert has been inserted, attach the card to the back
of the main card (as above) 

I like to add silicone to the bottom frilly bit so it will protrude slightly.
When dry, attach to the front of the main base card and decorate as you wish.

This is the front

and this is the back 



There are actually 6 projects on this CD 


I saw these gorgeous laser cut favours at my local Dunelm store
and thought they would look lovely on a card :)

Here's a close up before I trim them. I basically need to have flaps
at both sides and along the bottom to attach them to my paper

so I trimmed them down at the bottom to remove the excess but left as much
as I could after the perforated line so I could attach them

like this.

They were also too wide so I cut off 1 of the squares again making sure
I left as much as I could after the perforated line so I could attach them 

Inked up a little on the main side inside the squares

flipped it over to ink up the triangles

Attached some DST to the flaps and attach it to my main piece of paper

like so (back view)

And here it is ready to mount onto my layer which is then all mounted onto the
8x8 inch base card. Add the tag and decorate as you wish