Wednesday 25 November 2015





I've printed off the worksheets. You'll also need a 7 x 7 base card, 
a wooden heart, gypsy grass and mini corrugated card
which are all from Anna Marie Designs.
All the flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts 

Cut out the base pattern paper

Cut just inside the black lines

I printed off a piece of cream distressed paper
and using a Pritt Stick I smeared the heart and attached the 
paper making sure it's well stuck down, leave it to dry.
Tear the corrugated craft card as shown above.
I'm using a selection of dies, the heart dies are these 

I used the dies to cut out the shape in the back panel piece and inked the
edges. In the kit there is this with digital cut out hearts in case you don't have the dies.

I've mounted back panel onto the base wording as shown above.
Once the paper on the heart is completely dry, cut away any excess paper
and using an emery board to sand the edges so it blends in.  

I've covered the heart in PVA glue

and sprinkled it with the gorgeous Crystal Glass from Anna Marie Designs.

I've attached the heart onto the corrugated board as shown above, 

I've also attached the backing paper to the base card.

I've attached the pieces with silicone gel

and now the fun begins, decorate as you wish :)


Print off the worksheets. You'll also need a 7 x 7 base card and
flowers for decoration.I'm using the


Tonic Studios Circle Trellis Base Die Set

Trim down the backings to their edges, the top piece should be slightly
smaller the the bottom piece for layering.
Now's the time to distress the edges if you wish.

I've laid the die onto the top piece ready to cut.
Mount the larger backing onto your base card.

I've used silicone gel to mount he top piece and used pegs to keep it
balanced and raised until it has dried thoroughly.

I curled the banner and attached it with glue just in the cnetre.

And now the fun begins :) Decorate as you wish.
I'm using flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts & gypsy grass from Anna Marie Designs.


Print off the worksheets, you'll also need an A4 piece of card plus
a piece of card for the pop out box measuring 15cm wide x 16cm long

Score across the shorter edge at 1, 7. 8 & 14cm as shown above.

Fold & crease, attach DST to the underside of 1 long edge as shown above
and close

Score in half the A4 piece of card, this will create the base card.

Measure and mark the base card so it will fit behind the large tag front and cut.

Create the base card using the TIED TENT FOLD TECHNIQUE.
Apply glue to the pop out box and the base card as shown above.

And attach.

Attach the pop out front.

Like so

Attach the back panel

I used a large star die to cut out the sentiment.


Print off the worksheets, you'll also need a 7 x 7 base card done in the
TIED TENT TECHNIQUE and a selection of circle dies

Trim down the background image

Using circle dies to cut out the sentiment & background

Cut down the green pattern to the width of the A4 card x 16.5cm which is the same height
as the background image piece.
Score along both side edges at 2cm and down the centre also.

Using my Spellbinder 12cm circle die I found the centre and marked it so I can line up
these marks with the centre score line, tape to secure and cut,

like so.

Fold the piece in half as shown above a trim just enough to split it open,

like so

Fold & crease the side score line and attach DST to the underside

and attach to the back of the the background image piece as shown above.
Now's the time to attach the back panel also.

Attach it to the base card, now you can decorate as you like.