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Print off the worksheets.
In the above pic. I've cut out the pieces, decoupage pieces and
cut the sentiment & backing with circle dies

Smear glue onto 1 bunting piece and glue together as shown above.

For the back sentiment square cut just inside the black lines.

I've 3D everything with either foam pads or silicone gel.

Punch a couple of holes in the main bunting piece.
Attach the top bunting piece too.

I've used a selection of pretty ribbons to create the bunting hanger.


Making the base card.
Cut an A4 piece of card in half (as shown above)

Score along 1 piece only along a short edge at 1cm

Attach DST along the fold on the right side, crease and fold.
Lay the 2 pieces together (as shown above)

and bring together.

Trim any slight hangovers from the sides.

The actual size of the base card piece is dictated by the size of the
decorative back (as shown above) mark and trim.
Then create the base card using the TIED TENT FOLD TECHNIQUE.

I've cut out my other pieces.

Smear glue onto the back of the base card and attach it central to the decorative front piece

like so.

Repeat for the back piece.

Totally optional. I've held both of the sentiment pieces together wrong side to
wrong side and I've mark dots equally along the length ready to punch holes

Clamp them together as shown above and thread ribbon/string etc.

Here it is ready to attach with foam pads or silicone gel

like so

I've attached with silicone gel the central "just for you" piece
and it's now ready to be decorated :)

You can either choose to use the wavy sentiment or not.
There's a variety of occasions to choose from plus a blank 1.


Print off the backing paper and word sentiment sheet.
Trim the backing paper to fir your base card, I'm using a 7 x 7 inch one.

I love this heart sizzix die as not only are the hearts lovely shapes
but it makes a great background too.
I've cut central into an A5 piece of corrugated card. 

Trim the width to match the height taking a little from both sides.

Here's my pieces. I have a kraft 7 x 7 base card; black card for matting;
background pattern and the corrugated piece.

Matt & layer the black and the pattern piece onto the base card.
I'm using silicone gel to attach the corrugated piece to gain some dpeth.

I'm taking a few of the hearts that were cut out, inking the edges and folding in half.
In the SPARKLY HEARTS CARD TUT  I shown you what I did with the remaining hearts 

and attaching them back in place with a smear of glue down the centre back.

then decorate as you wish.


Score in half an A4 piece of card, fold and crease.
This will be the base card, create it using the TIED TENT FOLD TECHNIQUE.

Cut out the 2 backing papers (1 shown above)

I'm using a tag circle die to cut out the sentiment.

Here's all my pieces cut out. I've inked the edges too.

Attach a pattern piece and wording panel to the back of the base card.

Attach a pattern piece and the corrugated piece to the front of the card.

Start to build up your decorations.

These are the left over heart pieces from LOTS OF LOVE CARD

which I've painted white and dipped into glamour dust.


A fab collection for the wine buffs!
There's a large 8 x 8 card and an A5 card, along with a bottle label,
gift tag and even a invitation/gift holder.

Here's how to make up the invitation/gift holder: 

Print off the worksheets. Line up the edges of the design in any score line and score.
fold & crease. Cut an upside down V into the bottom where the score lines cross over then cut off
the pieces either side (as shown above).
Find the centre of the top edge and using a circle punch or die cut a semi circle.

Attach DST along 1 long edge on the inside and along the bottom tab edge.

Close over and secure, then bring up the bottom edge and secure.

Trim off along the top slightly.

The insert piece just needs cutting out and corner rounding.

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