Friday 16 October 2015


Birdie Pop Out Panel Card Tutorial

I printed off the worksheets & cut everything out
Create the base card using the TIED TENT FOLD TECHNIQUE
by: Pierce a hole through both layers of the card base.
Thread a short piece of ribbon through and secure one side, now adjust how much ribbon comes through by opening the card and taking a look, try not to have too long a piece of ribbon or the card with look a little too laid back! and too short a piece might not allow it to stand up, I'd say roughly about 6cms should be showing in the middle of the card. Now secure off each ribbon end well as you won't be able to alter or fix it once your project is complete
This is what it should look like, ready for you to play :)
I'm going to dangle the round sentiment on the back with ribbon

and attach it to the back of the base card
like so,
Score each bunting flag along the top edge at 1cm, crease & fold.
Add DST and trim the corners
You'll need string, silicone gel & 2 kebab sticks
Attach the bunting to the string as shown above

I've already attached the front square panel to the base card.
In the above pic I've laid the front fancy shape panel face down
so I can get an idea where to position the sticks. Position the kebab sticks
along the bottom of the front fancy shape panel
and going no higher than the top of the front square panel, mark the sticks and cut to fit.
Apply a strip of silicone gel approx. 1.5cm in from both outer edges
leave to dry.
Once dry you can attach the bunting, I used a little
silicone gel to hold the string in place and left it to dry
To create a pop out box, measure the gap between the
kebab sticks and cut a piece of card to that (that's the width)
I like a 1cm pop out so I'm marking at that, next comes the height, I measured the height
of the fancy shape front panel and a height of 4cm sits in comfortably without
being seen from the front, mark at 1cm again, then 4cm again. then 1cm again,
this last mark is where you cut off any excess card.
cutting off the excess card
attach DST to the underneath of one of the outer flaps,
bring together and close
and you should now have this pop out box
Attach the pop out box between the sticks and about 1 cm up, smear glue onto it and 
attach it to the front of the card keeping the outer edges even and the bottom edge level.
Here's a side view

Beautiful Butterfly Card Tutorial

Print off the worksheets. You'll also need a 7 x 7 inch square base card.
 Follow the edge of the pattern and trim
 Follow the edge of the pattern and trim
 Follow the edge of the pattern and trim and cut out the decoupage bits for the butterfly.
To cut out the sentiment I'm using one of the Cheery Lynn Page Tabs Dies 
and here's everything ready to assemble by simply matting and layering

I love the look of shabby edges right now :) and I use the

Fancy Shape Card Tutorial

Print off the worksheets and cut out, you'll also need an A4 piece of card.
I'm using this fab die too 

Joy Crafts Notebook Edge

To create the base card for the fancy shape to stand on, score in half the A4 card, fold & crease 
The size of the base card is dictated by the size of the back panel so, I like to cut this approx.
1cm larger
Trim down the front piece so it can't be seen from the front of the fancy shape
and follow the tied tent technique which is: pierce a hole through the base card,
thread ribbon through from front to back, adjust the length of the ribbon to suit how upright
you want the card to stand and secure off both ends with DST

I used the die on the back sentiment and distressed using ink and the 

and attached it to the back
Smear glue on the front of the base card and attach the fancy shape panel
and here it is ready to decorate
back view

Round Fancy Card Tutorial

Print off and cut out the pieces.
I'm using the fab 

Tim Holtz Sizzix - Thinlits Die Set 4pk Mixed Media (pic below)
to cut the pattern from the back centre piece, you could of course

Once you've chosen what to do with the back centre you add the top
centre using foam pads or silicone gel
this is the back view
and this is the front view
Create a base card using the Tied Tent Fold Technique
and attach the bottom front to it
like so
then add the next layer
and you have this waiting to decorate :) 
back view 

Large Wardrobe Card Tutorial

Print off all the worksheets, you'll also need an A4 piece of card.
Trim just inside the black lines of the inner wardrobe piece (as above).
I've also used a label die to cut out the sentiment.
Score at 1cm & 2.5cm all round (as above) 
On the reverse add DST to the outer edges & the flaps (as above).
This will create the inner box.
Slice open the doors of the wardrobe with a craft knife and you should now have
all these pieces.
Score at 2cm along the top edge of the wardrobe front (as above) and
add DST along the top scored edge

On the A4 piece of card score along a short edge at 2cm
and attach it to the front via the DST (as above)
Now you can trim down the sides so the back and front match
Although it's not clear in this pic I've added an extra piece of card
to the bottom half of the wardrobe front (it starts from under the doors to the bottom and the full width) this will give added strength.
Pierce a hole through the front & back layers to add ribbon
(just like the tied tent fold technique) open and secure off.

Now you can add the drawer fronts & decoupage pieces

Add the back panel
Side view

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