Thursday, 4 December 2014

Round Card Tutorial

I printed off my worksheets and cut them out, you'll also need
acetate for the window and 1 A4 piece of card to make the card base/stand

To make the card/base stand, score in half the A4 card,
fold & crease

and trim to 15cm wide 

Open out the card and trim 1 side so that it will measure approx. 10cm

like so

pierce a hole right through 

thread ribbon through from front to back, adjust the ribbon length
to how you like the card to stand and secure off the ribbon ends on both sides

and attach the back piece

Apply DST around the inside of the circle (as shown above)
and attach your acetate piece to this (not shown)

Attach your round frame to the round base by either foam pads
or silicone glue to raise it above the base
NOTE: it has been designed for the lines of the frame to run vertical

Smear glue onto the shorter piece of your base card/stand
and attach the round part to this making sure it's level with the bottom of the
base card/stand and central too

and here it is ready to be decorated

this is the back

and here's a side view

and here's a before decoration & after shot :)