Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Double Pop Out Card

I've now added 3 Double Pop Out Cards to the website HERE
and plan to make more as I just loved making them :)
Below is the Double Pop Out Card 1
and in the post previous to this one you can view a tutorial
on how to make these up 

Double Pop Out Card Tutorial

Here are my printed worksheets; you'll also need
2 5.5cm wide x 11.5cm pieces of acetate, approx.
1 metre of ribbon and a 15 cm square blank card

Here are all my pieces cut out.
You need to cut out the middle apertures.

For the pop out piece, cut along the guidelines with a craft knife and
score on the dotted lines 

so you end up with this (above)

Add the acetate to the inside, little tip here, if you're using
stiff acetate like me only apply DST halfway down
and along the bottom then there will be no ugly
DST visible from the front 

and here's the main piece finished

Once you've trimmed away the excess white card along the length of
the printed backing, score and fold in half, place inside the card blank
and mark the excess hanging out of the card and trim this off too

Apply some DST along the front and the back of
the card base (as above)

Fold your ribbon in half and attach to the DST at the front
and running round to the back

I used foam pads to attach the panels to the centre
pop out (as above) The flowers are from dies.
You can put whatever you like in here
bearing mind it's not to bulky (or the card won't close)
and that it doesn't interfere with closing.

Next we need to attach the pieces together.
I've used glue as it's more forgiving when positioning

and I've pegged it while it dries, once dried
I repeated for the opposite side.

Next we need to attach this to the inside of the base card.
Starting with the right hand side, smear glue
as shown above

Place it central inside the card and leave to dry, when dry repeat
for the other side (as above)

and this is what you should now have :)

Attach the front panel

and the back panel


and here it is all tied up :)