Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tri-flap Easel card Tutorial

You can find the KIT version HERE
and the RTP version HERE

Here are the worksheets printed out, you'll also need 2 A4 pieces of card
1 for the easel card base and 1 for backing the pocket & for 2 strips.
I'm also going to cut the wording and a base colour for the easel stopper

For the large tag, cut just inside the black line on the wording piece

Cut out all the pieces and for the large tag and cut out the shaped area too

Pop some foam pads (or silicone gel) onto the reverse of the large tag

and add the wording piece to the back 

so you have this

Cut 2 strips approx. 17cm long x 3cm wide, score in half lengthway

Apply DST to both strip along 1 outer edge and 1 inner edge

and attach the flaps to the back striped piece

so you have this

Cut from your spare piece of card a piece to cover the back 

Apply thin DST along the bottom central piece and along the bottom of
1 of the flaps

close 1 flap

then the other

Score an A4 piece of card for you easel base

I always make my easel bases slightly narrower so I'm
marking and trimming off the excess in the above pic.

Apply glue to the front flap of the easel base (as above)
then attach the pocket to it, let it dry

Attach the easel stopper and decorate as you wish 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Embossed Delite Tutorial

You can find KIT 1 (which is a different colour to this demo one) HERE
and the RTP Version HERE
which again is a different colour to this demo one.
The demo colour one is earmarked for a BRAND NEW CD
called Embossed De-lites which will launch at the up coming
Papercrafts Show at Leigh on the weekend of August 30th & 31st

Cut out the worksheet including the centre

so you have this

Using die cut out the sentiment and the backing for it

Cut just inside the black lines

and you should have this now

Apply foam pads to the back of the piece that has
the circle cut out and attach the wording piece of card,
I like to do this from the reverse but you can just as easily
do it by centralising the cut out circle over the wording

and you should now have this

Pierce 2 holes in your 8 x 8 base card and thread ribbon through

and secure the ends off. 

Feed through the ribbon to get the desired stand up you prefer

then secure off the other ends of the ribbon and trim away the excess

so you have this

This is the back piece, the trellis is totally optional.
Attach the trellis to the reverse of the the back piece

This is how I make up my paper bows.

I've cut them out and curled them

Attach a little piece of strong DST to the centre

and close down 1 side of the bow, attach another little piece of DST

and close that down also

Repeat for the other pieces

Apply DST to each centre piece and attach to the next

piece then add the tails to the back (I trim my tails shorter)

I've mounted both the front piece and the back piece
to the base card using foam pads or gel.
Attach your bow as shown and top off with an embellishment
All the gems I've used are from a mixed pack from Meiflower HERE

and here's the back :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Apron Tutorial

Print off and cut out your pieces, I will be die cutting the green circle
and the circle stamp

In any score line, line up the centre line and score, fold & crease

do the same with the pocket piece. Note: the pocket piece is deliberately
wider than the pocket on the apron to accommodate the curving.
I score, fold & crease mine then fold each side towards the centre
then using a pen and curve each section.

Make up your floral arrangement and attach with silicone gel and put a blob on each
outer pocket too

and lay the pocket piece on top and leave to dry.

I pierced a hole through both the glove & the circle sentiment,
threaded a long piece of string through 

punch hole is the apron (I did this after I had inserted the insert so the holes
go right through the base card, the top apron and the insert,
bring the string through to the front, adjust length to
suit and tie off with a knot 

and her it is :)