Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My first MDF project

I thought I would share with you my very first MDF project :)
I bought this fab
Beyond the Page Stationery Organiser by
Kaisercrafts from Merly Impressions HERE

There are a few things I would do differently on my
next project such as; choose a heavier weight paper for printing.
I used a 100gsm one but would definitely recommend a heavier
one such as anywhere between 170gsm & 200gsm
I would paint rather than paper any parts that won't be seen for example;
I papered the underneath of the bottom and the shelf pieces when
painting them would have been preferable. I put a top coat of Mod Podge
on to help seal and protect the pieces but it made the paper bubble :(
next time because I plan to use heavier paper I will test a piece and if it still bubbles
I plan to try a wax to seal and protect.
I bought my Mod Podge from Curtis World who not only delivered super fast
but had the best price I had seen for it 

OK here's the basics of what I did

I painted with emulsion the outer edges of all the
pieces first and left to dry.
I used household emulsion I had leftover or
a tester pot would be great.

I have to say I was well impressed with a Pritt Stick which I used
to attach the papers, you cover the piece of MDF in the glue
taking care that you go right to the edges.

then you lay the MDF piece onto the wrong side of the paper. This method worked
great and I had not 1 bubble nor crease :)

I used a little seam roller to make sure those edges were
well stuck down but if I had a hard brayer I would have used
that (it's next on my craft shopping list) 

Once dry I trimmed off the excess paper around the edges

I used an emery board to smooth all the edges of the paper
(quite therapeutic actually) then using a ink pad to distress the edges.

And that's it basically

and then I put it together :) I've not decided if I'm going
to use the drawer on not yet so haven't decorated that.

The papers I used are the Wild Meadow selection from
my Rose Creation CD HERE

I'm well pleased with the result. I have to say it looks much better in
real life :) and will have pride of place on my
work desk and I'm really looking forward to my next one too :)

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